Yiddish Summer Program

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Yiddish Summer Program

  • About
  • Curriculum
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In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Tel Aviv University International reserves the right to cancel any of the programs below due to low registration.


2021 Summer Program Announcement

It is our intention to hold the 2021 Yiddish Summer Program in person in Tel Aviv. Should the ongoing Coronavirus crisis prevent international travel or 
in-person gathering, we will move parts or all of the program to a virtual format, in compliance with official health guidelines.

Please note that this year, due to the pandemic, we are able to accept only a limited number of non-students into our program. You are defined as a student if you are currenlty studying at any degree levels or have completed a degree in the past five students.

Also of note: We reserve places for non-students who are working in the arts profession and are planning to incorporate Yiddish into their artwork in any form. If applicable, please make note of these plans on your application form.

Registration is open for:
Summer 2021

Program Dates: 
Arrival – June 29
Orientation – June 30
Class Starts – July 1
Class Ends – July 29
​Dorms Last Day – July 30

Academic Credits: 4

Application Deadline: 
May 1, 2021

  • About

    Globally recognized as a program that truly brings the language to life, this Yiddish language summer course provides you with the essentials of this age-old language.. Study the roots of this fascinating language and culture …as you discover modern-day Tel Aviv at your doorstep. 


    Program Overview

    Our Yiddish language program is for those of you looking to research and uncover the secrets behind this ancient Jewish language.

    Enjoy a program that is available to all levels, whether you’re a complete Yiddish beginner or advanced speaker. You’ll also focus on both Yiddish language and literature. Benefit from highly-qualified and experienced teachers in small classes, who will take you on a journey of language discovery. You’ll also benefit from 4 credits awarded for successful completion of the program. Perhaps you can even outdo our 2019 graduates, who performed a hilarious comedy routine for their graduation - entirely in Yiddish!


    Another key element of this program is the morning language learning classes – leaving plenty of time in the afternoon for joining compelling lectures, conversation workshops, and tours. 


    Program Highlights

    • Benefit from 4 academic credits at one of the world’s best universities.

    • Stimulate your mind by learning Yiddish, the age-old Jewish language, with expert tutors and plenty of opportunities to practice your newly-acquired skills.

    • Explore the wonders of Israel via some fascinating overnight excursions and cultural activities across the country.



    Be a Mensch. Learn Yiddish!





    Visit the Yiddish Program website.

  • Curriculum

    Language classes are available as follows. All classes combine focused instruction in the rules of Yiddish grammar with practice in conversational Yiddish, reading and comprehension of Yiddish texts, and composition.


    Yiddish I (Elementary)

    Introduction to basic Yiddish grammar, pronunciation, conversation, reading, and writing. Yiddish I includes sections for both native Hebrew speakers and for international students.


    Yiddish II (Lower Intermediate)

    For students who have completed a college-level course or its equivalent in elementary Yiddish. This class expands on the fundamentals of Yiddish grammar and vocabulary, allowing students to deepen their skills in oral conversation and comprehension, and develop their ability to decipher and produce Yiddish texts.


    Yiddish III (Intermediate) 

    Provides students with opportunities for practice in more sophisticated oral and written expression; students will significantly expand their Yiddish vocabulary and knowledge of advanced Yiddish grammar; provides exposure to more complicated literary, historical, and/or cultural texts.


    Advanced Seminar for Research Students

    Intended for advanced Yiddish students in various fields or disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. Students should be enrolled at an accredited university, college, or research institute or be a professional interested in integrating Yiddish into their work (filmmakers, creative writers, etc.). This course is divided into a class on advanced Yiddish grammar which may include emphasis on idiomatic usage of Yiddish, non-standard Yiddish, and Yiddish dialects and a class in which students have an opportunity for analysis and discussion of literary, folkloric, and/or historical Yiddish texts with the goal of providing students with skills necessary for independent scholarly research and creativity.


    Afternoon Academic and Cultural Program

    In addition to these courses, the Yiddish Program includes a robust afternoon academic and cultural program, held on campus and in Tel Aviv. The co-curricular afternoon includes:

    • A series of lectures in English on "Landmarks of Yiddish Literature and Culture".
    • Yiddish guest lectures, conversation classes, evening concerts, and excursions to local sites of Yiddish culture. and more!

    Students are encouraged to bring their musical instruments with them.

  • Application Requirements

    Required Application Documents

    A complete application consists of a submission of all of the required documents listed below.

    • Online Application Form with TAU International
    • Registration Form for the Yiddish Program (instructions for this are here)
    • Application Fee $60 USD
    • All applicants applying to TAU International English-speaking programs who are from non-English speaking countries or are non-native speakers of English must provide proof of English proficiency as part of the application requirements. To view specific instructions for completing this step, please click here.


    Required Pre-Departure Items

    Upon acceptance, all students are required to upload a scanned copy of their passport picture page clearly showing their passport number and other biographic details to their Student Portal Record. All students are also required to upload a passport photo (small photo) clearly showing the face which will be used for the TAU Student ID (no sunglasses or hats should appear in the photo).


    In addition, the below forms are provided upon acceptance to the program and must be submitted prior to arrival on the program ( or in some cases, at the time of confirmation as noted below). Failure to submit these items will result in a student not being officially confirmed to the program and/or not registered for TAU courses:


    • TAU International Medical Form
    • TAU International Student Code of Conduct
    • TAU International Signed Letter of Agreement (this is linked to the Confirmation Form and must be submitted at the time of confirmation to the program; students will not be considered confirmed until this is submitted)
    • Health Insurance Declaration Form – Required for Full Year Students Only
  • Costs & Funding

    Costs & Funding 


    Application Fee



    See here for information


    See here for information









    Application fee is charged after acceptance.

    All prices above in US Dollars.

    *Please see the Housing tab for more information about on-campus housing. Note that the rate for this program will be calculated for one month.

    For information on housing for short term students, go here.


    Did you know that TAU International offers many Summer Scholarships? We strongly encourage all students to check out our scholarships page for more details and instructions on how to apply! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

    For further information visit the Yiddish Program's website.

  • Contact

    The Naomi Prawer Kadar International Yiddish Summer Program
    Rosenberg Building, Suite 101D
    Tel Aviv University
    Ramat Aviv, ISRAEL 69978

    Tel: +972-3-6407805
    Fax: +972-3-6407732
    Email: naomiyiddish@tauex.tau.ac.il

    Visit the Yiddish Program website.


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